Freelance graphic designer and art director based in Barcelona.

Infographics, digital experiences and graphic design with attention to detail.


Digital publishing

The reading experience is evolving and we no longer read on paper only.

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A useful tool to present information and data to explain a story clearly and visually.

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User experience

Digital experiences that enhance the interaction between the user and the product.

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Vector illustration

To visualize ideas, build the personality of a brand or help explain or clarify the content.

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Print design

Combination of images, typography and illustration to create layouts for editorial and communication.

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Working for studios and as a freelance on a variety of projects and sectors, for clients around the world since 2008.

I studied graphic design in Elisava with an erasmus at Central Saint Martins. After finishing the studies I lived in Amsterdam for two years. Currently based in Barcelona, I work as a freelance designer helping companies and brands around the world. 

Being digital publishing apps, websites, user interfaces or infographics, identifying order and narrative in complexity is what I enjoy the most. I love projects that involve working with information. I have a special consideration for typography and there is often bits and pieces of illustration on the projects I work on.

I’m the art director of the Master in Digital Publishing and director, coordinator and teacher of the Master in Infographics and Data Visualization at BAU, a Barcelona Design University.

When I’m not teaching or doing client work I spend time making side projects. If you like cats and hang out on the Internet a lot, you provably stumbled upon the infographic about the healing power of cat purrs.

Selected clients

Capital One
Coca Cola
Rosetta Stone
San Miguel
The HuffPost
Viva Naturals

I’m always open to new challenges. If you want to start a project or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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