A list of blogs, studios and people that I take inspiration, resources and tools from.

Daily dose of information — top 15 blogs & mags.


A simple and stylish blog showing design and creativity for inspiration.

Computer Arts

Inspirational design tutorials and articles from the world’s leading digital art magazine.

Creative Bloq

Daily dose of design tips and inspiration. From makers of Computer Arts magazine.

Don Serifa

A blog in spanish that gathers information, workshops and resources on typography.

Font Feed

Recommended fonts, typography techniques and inspirational examples of digital type at work.

Form Fifty Five

A group of designers, illustrators, coders and makers collenting and sharing the best design work.


Online newspaper dedicated to the design world focused on graphic design and communication.

Grain Edit

Showcasing work of contemporary designers inspired by 1950s-1970s period.

It’s Nice That

Showcasing exciting, original and engaging work from both established names and talented newcomers.

Mindsparkle Mag

Curated selection of the most beautiful and inspiring projects in the fields of design, websites and videos.

September Industry

Online design journal that showcases the very best in international graphic design & communication.

Swiss Miss

design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg, a swiss designer based in NYC.

The Dieline

A blog about packaging design founded by Andrew Gibbs.


The site showcases, discusses and reviews the world of typography, icons and visual language.

Unos Tipos Duros

A website created in 1999 with news and articles related to typography.



Tutorials and resources on how to make a website. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and so on.


Users can create and share pieces of their frontend code online.

Color Picker

Quick and easy tool to pick colors and find their hex and RGB codes.

Colour Lovers

A community where users can share palettes, discuss the latest trends and gather inspiration.


An amazing educational platform offering quality online courses, for free.

Designers Toolbox

A set of tools for print and web designers. From standard paper sizes to HTML special characters.


The easiest way to storage and share files on the cloud. Simple and very useful.


A great tool to identify the fonts in use in any website. It works on all major browsers.


Easy CMS. This website was built with indexhibit for three years before switching to WordPress.

Lorem Ipsum

Generates the dummy text used to demonstrate typographic elements on a design.


Educational website open to anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge of typography.


Test any website at different screen resolutions. Useful when making responsive websites.


Online application to test how the typography will look on websites.

What the font

Online application and forum that helps identify any font in use. You only need to submit an image.

WordPress Codex

Online manual, information and documentation for WordPress.