Print design

Promotional collateral and publications that help spread messages, tell stories and communicate news.

Posters · Annual reports · Promotional materials · Books · Magazines · Newspapers · Corporate materials · Business cards


Physical objects

Promotional products as a reminder of a company, web or app in physical form.


Editorial design shapes the content so that the reader can visualize the message.


Using both paper and digital materials to the strategy we can reach a larger audience.


Print design lasts over time, reinforcing the credibility of a brand.

is king

I design considering typography, hierarchy and rhythm of information should go along and be part of the content.

Image search

I look for photographs that fit the content. If they are made especially for a project, I do the art direction of the photo shoot. If the project requires it, also design illustrations and infographics.

Sending to print

When the project is complete, I set up the files  for printing. I maintain contact with the print workshop to ensure the results are optimal and within the agreed deadlines.

Finishes and textures

Print design allows to choose between different finishes, materials and types of paper to enhance the characteristics of a brand.

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