Cedars Sinai Technology Transfer

The 2016-17 report of the Cedars-Sinai Office of Technology Transfer, which supports research by patenting and licensing medical innovations. The Doyle/Logan Company commissioned eleven artists from around the world to create custom illustrations for the report. Oncosomes are cancer related, cell-derived vesicles that cause all kinds of mischief when they are released – they make other cells easier to invade, they can circulate all over the body and help cancers to spread. I represented a research center, investigation oncosomes so that we concentrate on the cure rather than the disease.


Design and art direction by The Doyle/Logan Company.


Chris Madden, Davide Bonazzi, Mark Smith, Curtis Parker, Nicholas Saunders, Greg Clarke, Jean-Francois Martin, James Steinberg, Garcia Lam and Gary Baseman.

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