Marc Ramirez

Marc Ramirez is an industrial design engineer with years of experience and a brilliant portfolio. He needed to renovate his corporate identity and promotional materials to send to potential clients. His new portfolio has two parts: a brochure with his CV and an interactive version to use in presentations and job interviews.


Marc Ramirez
01 Engineer_Stationery

02 Engineer_Moodboard

03 MarcRamirez_Logo

04 MarcRamirez_Logo-variations

05 Corporate-Identity_Color-Palette

06 Corporate-Identity_Typography

07 Stationery_Business-card1

08 Stationery_Business-card2

09 Stationery_Notebook1

10 Stationery_Notebook2

11 Portfolio-Paper

12 Portfolio-Paper_Brochure

13 Stationery_Folder

14 Stationery_Folder

15 Interactive-Portfolio-iPad1

16 Interactive-Portfolio-iPad2

17 Interactive-Portfolio-iPad3

18 Interactive-Portfolio-iPad_3D

20 Interactive-Portfolio-iPad_Details

I’m always open to new challenges. If you want to start a project or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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